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ИП nuWeb 

About Us:

NuWeb is the US-based Product Company with the development professional team in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The company provides high quality and innovative product with a young and energetic team.
NuWeb will change how we think, feel and communicate with each other, how services are provided to us, and the way we interact with the internet.
And we are looking for professionals to take part in this exciting and fun opportunity.

About the product:

The world of electronic communications keeps changing and demands new tools and approaches. We've come here to meet this demand and give you revolutionary ownership over your content and interaction.

The Internet is not about computers anymore - it's about people! It's about you, about your tastes, your feelings and you write to choose!

nuWeb is here to remove the obstacles between you and your right to feel free and stay in control of the Internet communications.

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